In-Store Deli

Domestic Cheese

American - Sharp

American - Sharp - Cooper

American - White

American - Yellow

Amish Butter Cheese


Baby Swiss

Bacon Cheese

Bermuda Onion

Blueberry Cheddar


Bruschetta Jack

Buffalo Wing Jack

Caraway (Swiss and Rye)

Carolina Reaper (HOTTEST)

Checkerboard Cheese

Cheddar - 12 Year Wisconsin

Cheddar - Mild

Cheddar - New York White

Cheddar - New York Yellow


Chocolate Walnut Cheddar - New!



Garlic Cheddar

Ghost Pepper Jack

Habanero Jalapeno Cheddar

Habanero Ghost - New!

Horseradish Cheddar

Hot Pepper

Italian Blend

Longhorn / Colby

Lorraine Swiss

Mango Fire

Marble / Colby Jack

Maple Bacon Cheddar - New!

Mediterranean Sunset

Monterey Jack

Mozzarella (Local)


Muenster - Jalapeno

Onion - Green


Pepper Jack

Pepperoni Cheddar 


Provolone (Local)

Scorpion Cheddar


Smoked Baby Swiss

Smoked Bacon

Smoked Bacon & Black Pepper

Smoked Cheddar

Smoked Habanero Jalapeno

Smoked Horseradish

Smoked Hot Pepper

Smoked Mozzarella

Smoked Provolone

Smoked Swiss

Steakhouse Onion Cheddar

Swiss - Aged

Swiss - Mild

Swiss Asiago Blend

Swiss Colby Swirl

Thunder Jack

Tomato Basil - New!

Veggie Farmers 

Wine Cheddar - New!

Yogurt Cheese - Original

Yogurt Cheese - Garlic / Herb

Yogurt Cheese - Jalapeno

Yogurt Cheese - Vegetable

Imported cheese

Applewood Cheddar

Apricot Cheddar (TEMP OUT)

Black Diamond

Blue - Danish

Blue - Gorgonzola

Cranberry Cheddar (TEMP OUT)

Double Gloucester (TEMP OUT)

Drunken Goat (TEMP OUT)

French Brie

German Butter Cheese

Gouda - Goats Milk

Gouda - Original

Gouda - Smoked



Havarti - Dill

Irish Cheddar - 3 Year 



Mango Ginger Cheddar (TEMP OUT)

Pear & Apple Cheddar (TEMP OUT)

Provolone - Aged

Raclette  (TEMP OUT)


Sticky Toffee Cheddar   (TEMP OUT)

Whiskey Cheddar  (TEMP OUT)

Wine Cheddar  (TEMP OUT)


Beef Salami & Garlic

Black Forest Ham


Canadian Bacon

Capicola - Hot

Cherrywood Smoked Ham - New!

Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast - Buffalo

Chip Chopped Ham

Corn Beef

Dutch Loaf

Garlic Bologna

German Bologna

Hard Salami

Honey Ham

Lebanon Bologna

Lebanon Bologna - Sweet

Maple Ham

Olive Loaf


Pepperoni (Sticks)

Pepperoni - Sandwich

Roast Beef

Spicy Pineapple Ham - New!

Summer Sausage

Tavern Ham

Trail Bologna (all beef)

Turkey - Cajun Style

Turkey - Honey Roasted

Turkey - Oven Roasted

Turkey - Smoked

Virginia Baked Ham

Cheeses are available for fresh cut & ship between October and March, please call us at 724.946.8558 for more information, and availability.

Some prepackaged cheeses we have available for

shipping all year around are available here