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Apple Cinnamon Jelly (18 oz) Blackberry Jelly (18 oz) Blueberry Jelly (18 oz)
Old fashioned apple-cinnamon jelly.  Always a great combination! Old fashioned blackberry jelly, not as thick as jam but still all the flavor! No seeds in this one. Old fashioned blueberry jelly, not as thick as jam but still all the flavor!
Dandelion Jelly (18 oz) Elderberry Jelly (18 oz) Elderberry Jelly (9 oz)
Don't let the name scare you! This jelly is completely different than anything you've ever had before.  One of our favorites! Old fashioned elderberry jelly, hard to find! Elderberry Jelly.
Elderberry Jelly - No Sugar Added - 8 oz Jalapeno Jelly (18 oz) Plum Jelly (18 oz)
No Sugar Added Elderberry Jelly, sweetened with natural fruit juices. Old fashioned jelly with a bite to it.  Mixed with cream cheese, it makes a wonderful dip. Plum Jelly.
Red Pepper Jelly (18 oz) Red Raspberry Jelly (18 oz) Strawberry Jelly (18 oz)
Red Pepper Jelly. Not hot, just a sweet pepper jelly. Red Raspberry Jelly. Old fashioned strawberry jelly, not as thick as jam but still all the flavor!

Best Amish Jellies Online

Our jellies aren't as thick as their jam cousins but pack just as much flavor. We have some popular flavors such as Apple Jelly, Strawberry Jelly or Blackberry Jelly and some totally unique flavors are available such as Dandelion Jelly and JalapeƱo Jelly. One of our all-time favorites and a flavor that's not that easy to find elsewhere is Elderberry Jelly. For another unusual but delightful taste experience, try a jar of our Quince Jelly. With its sweet yet slightly tart flavor, quince has a distinguishing taste unlike anything else. This is another example of one that's not easy to find elsewhere but that we stock in inventory here at The Cheese House.

A perfect gift for any occasion, our jellies come in a glass mason jar with a rustic Cheese House label. They are guaranteed to please your taste buds and have you wanting more and we are glad to comply! We know our products are a quality cut above the others out there and we hope that our exceptional service and attention to detail keeps you happily coming back for more. You can choose from two different sizes - 9 oz and 18 oz. If you are visiting the Amish country near New Wilmington, PA, be sure to drop by our store to say hello. You can reach us via email for any questions or concerns.