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This smooth and flavorful Amish style fruit butter is made the old fashioned way. No sugar added to this wonderful butter; this smooth and flavorful Amish style fruit butter is naturally sweetened and made the old fashioned way. Old fashioned apple-cinnamon jelly.  Always a great combination!
Mrs. Miller's Apple cinnamon Jelly.  A delicate taste of apple with a hint of cinnamon. Mrs. Miller's Apricot Jam. Mrs. Miller's Apricot Peach Jam.  A tasty blend of two wonderful fruits.
Banana Jam (8 oz)
Price: $3.29
Mrs. Miller's Banana Jam. This old fashioned jam provides a great blend of strawberries and bananas. Great for kids. An all time favorite.  This old fashioned black cherry jam is full of flavor and chunks of cherries.
Mrs. Miller's Black Cherry Jam. Mrs. Miller's Black Current Jelly. Old fashioned black raspberry jam, seeds included.
Mrs. Miller's Black Raspberry Jam. Old fashioned blackberry jam, includes seeds. Mrs. Miller's Blackberry Jam.
Old fashioned blackberry jelly, not as thick as jam but still all the flavor! No seeds in this one. Mrs. Miller's Blackberry Jelly.
Blackberry Syrup
Price: $5.99
Old fashioned blueberry jam, loaded with blueberries. Mrs. Miller's Blueberry Jam.
Blueberry Syrup
Price: $5.99
Old fashioned blueberry jelly, not as thick as jam but still all the flavor! Mrs. Miller's Boysenberry Jam.
Mrs. Miller's Bumbleberry Jam. Mrs. Miller's Caramelized Onion and Chive Jam.  You've never had a jam quite like this one before! It's one of the most unique one's we have to offer.
Cherry Jam (8 oz)
Price: $3.29
Old time favorite, loaded with chunks of cherry. Mrs. Miller's Cherry Jam. Mrs. Miller's Cherry Jelly.

A great blend of fruits for any time of year, not just the holidays! This jam offers a unique blend of strawberries and cranberries. The bittersweet flavor of this jam is out of this world!

Mrs. Miller's Corn Cob Jelly.  This one is completely different from all other Jams.  Made with actual corn cobs, it has a flavor all of its own.
Mrs. Miller's Cranberry Jelly. Don't let the name scare you! This jelly is completely different than anything you've ever had before.  One of our favorites! Mrs. Miller's Dandelion Jelly.  Made with actual Dandelions! Very Unique taste, a must try!
Mrs. Miller's Dutch Apple Jam. Old fashioned elderberry jelly, hard to find! Mrs. Miller's Elderberry Jelly.
Fig Jam (18 oz)
Price: $4.99
Fig Jam (8 oz)
Price: $3.29
Old fashioned fig jam, truly for the fig lover. Mrs. Miller's Fig Jam.
Grape Jam (8 oz)
Price: $3.29
Mrs. Miller's Gooseberry Jam. Mrs. Miller's Grape Jam. Mrs. Miller's Grape Jelly.

Amish Jellies, Jams, Fruit Butters & Maple Syrup

At The Cheese House online store, you can find all the premium jams, jellies, fruit butters and syrups anyone could ask for. Our specialty of The Cheese House is our premium Amish style jams and jellies made by the freshest ingredients and come in many delicious flavors. We have the classics such as cherry jam, blueberry jelly, and apple butter but also some exotic flavors such as pecan pumpkin butter, elderberry jelly and F.R.O.G jam. For those who are trying to avoid sugar, we recommend trying our sugar-free jams that are sweetened by natural juices and still have the same amazing taste of regular jams. A perfect addition for your toast would be our mouthwatering orange or lemon marmalade. The Cheese House also proudly sells Firth Pure Maple Syrup and other flavored syrups in Blackberry, Blueberry, Cinnamon, and Peach. Make your breakfast or brunch extra special with our selection of gourmet foods.

At the Cheese House, we take pride in offering only the best products for our customers. In addition to our wonderful selection of jams and jellies, we also have pickled goods and cheese for sale online. For those who are looking to share their love of The Cheese House products, we also have custom gift baskets available. In case of any questions, you can reach us via email and we would be help you answer them.